The inflated list price you were quoted (in order to get your listing) results in few buyers coming to view your home (because they can get a comparable, properly priced house, for less money) and you end up having to endure a series of price reductions which result in your home finally selling for below its true market value 

A lower commission does not guarantee you will net more on you home sale. According to Real Estate consultant Bernice Ross, there is a "BIG LIE" in real estate. 

It's the lie that reducing the commission always results in more money for the seller, Nothing could be further from the truth. Virtually all sellers want to obtain the highest price possible for their property. 


No matter what you are selling, maximum exposure to the marketplace is a critical factor in achieving the highest price possible. Companies who cut services in exchange for taking a lower commission often cost clients much more than the extra one to three percent they save in commission. Depending on price, the cost cost can be tens of thousands of dollars.